iPhone Hacks and Important Directories Firmware 3.0.x

This is a list of hacks I perform to my iPhone each time I do an upgrade. I do this to enable me to customise things and not be locked down to what Apple thinks I need.

Jailbreak It
Firstly you need to jailbreak your iPhone. This is currently done using redsn0w.

File Management
Then I recommend installing iPhone Explorer which will allow you to move files between your iPhone and PC/Mac via the Apple USB cable.
This can be achieved by SFTP (install OpenSSH in Cydia) but I find that a bit fiddly and also means you need to open up your iPhone wirelessly.

Replace SMS Alert Tones
You can then replace the SMS tones with custom ones

SMS Database

SMS Ringtone Locations


Change SMS Alert Tone Names
The above hacks will only change the audio of the SMS alert tones. To change the names as they appear in the list you will need to change a plist file on the iPhone. Please note I am not 100% sure how to edit a plist file on a PC so apologies windows users.

  • Download /Applications/Preferences.app/English.lproj/Sounds.strings
  • rename to Sounds.plist
  • Open up in Property List Editor
  • Change the names of the SMS tones (You will recognise them in here)
  • Ensure the plist file format is set to View->Property List Type -> iPhone Settings plist
  • Save
  • Rename to Sounds.strings
  • Upload to iPhone over the top of the old one
  • Restart Springboard

MobileInstallation.framework Hack Location
This can now be achieved by installing AppSync from Cydia. You will need to add the source http://cydia.hackulo.us to Cydia though. Please buy apps though and keep the development community going.

Adding back the battery Percentage Indicator
Install SBSettings from Cydia or Rock to have a toggle to reenable battery percent.

Note: When editing plist files above ensure the plist file format is set to View->Property List Type -> iPhone Settings plist before saving editted file.

Making ringtones with iTunes

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