Windows XP as a Media Server for Xbox 360

This document will show you how to successfully setup a windows XP machine so it can stream videos (notably mp4 and xvid codecs) to your Xbox 360. This guide was written for those who do not have Windows Media Centre Edition.

Windows Media Player Setup

You will need to ensure you have the following installed

a) Windows Media Player 11
b) FFDShow
c) Haali Media Splitter
d) Registry hack for Windows Media Player Library (Right click link and Save As)

If they are not at any of the above addresses I think google will be able to help you out.

You need FFDShow and Haali Media Splitter is required to allow Windows Media Player to see and play the mp4 files. If it cannot play them you cannot add them to your Windows Media Player library and in turn will not be able to stream them to your Xbox 360.

  1. Install/Update Windows Media Player 11
  2. Start up your Xbox 360 and ensure networking is working
  3. Start Windows Media Player and go to the library menu

    a) Choose Media Sharing and ensure it looks like the following image

    b) Choose Add To Library from the Library menu and add the directories you wish to share

  4. Install FFDShow
  5. Install Haali Media Splitter
  6. Configure Haali Media Splitter to have the following settings
    a) Compatibility -> Autoload VSFilter = Yes

    b) Explorer Integration -> Enable Thumbnail Extraction = Yes

  7. Run the registry hack by double clicking on it. This will allow Windows Media Player to add mp4 and mpv files to the library.
  8. If all has gone well you should be able to see your files via the Xbox 360. You may need to reboot and get Windows Media Player to rescan you shared drives.
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