Online .NET and PHP Development

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Interesting site for developing online without the use of Visual Studio or Zend Studio.

Not sure how useful it would be but it’s promising.

Firefox Plugins

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Some useful plugins for firefox
Adblock Plus – Hides adverts on most sites
Web Developer – Nuff said
SQL Lite Manager – Manage simple SQL Lite Databases
Firebug – Great plugin for debugging
Greasemonkey – Create custom scripts which run for various sites
Screengrab – Snapshots of webpages including flash.


Data Visualisation with Javascript or Flash

Posted in HTML & CSS, Javascript, JQuery on July 21st, 2010 by phoenixdigital

Great little time line viewer and other cool visualisations.

CSS Examples

Posted in HTML & CSS on February 23rd, 2010 by phoenixdigital

For those wanting a live example of what various styles perform

Quick live examples of various layout techniques

Friendly to all browsers form layout


Free Icon Libraries

Posted in General Web, HTML & CSS on February 4th, 2010 by phoenixdigital

It is very frustrating searching the net for a range of free icons as most that claim to be free are just pointers to crappy icons which then offer another range of paid ones as well. While I think people should be paid for icon design I think it makes it hard to find icons for a small project or admin screen.

Here are some links to some known FREE icon libraries

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